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The following trailers preview DVD content. Click the link for an excerpt of the dvd content. Each link is for a separate Part as follows:


Part 2 John Bedini Time: 2:24 min.
Part 3 Dr. Deborah Chung Time: 4:00 min.
Part 4 Howard Johnson Time: 1:53 min.
Part 5 Tom Bearden Time: 1:55 min.
Part 6 John Bedini: Inside Radiant Energy Time: 6:18 min.
Part 8 Dr. Daniel Sheehan: 2nd Law Time: 7:14 min.
Part 9 Tom Bearden Time: 8:17 min.
Part 10 John Bedini: Kromrey Converter Time: 2:49 min.
Part 11A Howard Johnson Time: 3:31 min.
Part 12 John Bedini: Petrovoltaics Time: 5:33 min.
Part 14 John Bedini: Lockridge Device Time: 2:52 min
Part 15 Walter Rosenthal Time: 2:27 min.
Part 19 Ieuan Thomas Time: 2:17 min.
Part 21, 22, 23 Various: Bedini Conference 2010 Time: 5:14 min.
Part 30 John Bedini: Sweet Memories Time: 2:54 min.
Part 31 William Doyle Jr.: Zero-Fuel Engine Time: 3:10 min.
Part 33 John Bedini—SG Machine Time: 6:29 min.
Part 43 Disruptive Technologies Go Black Time: 4:39 min

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