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Featuring Tom Bearden

by Energetic Productions Inc.

Executive Producer Anthony J. Craddock

A cubic centimeter of empty space around us (about the tip of one's little finger in volume) has so much raw energy in it that, if condensed into matter, there would be more matter than is observable in the universe through the largest telescope!  So even a tiny efficiency of tapping could and will extract all the energy anyone could wish.

William Gazecki

Originally conceived as a theatrical release length documentary, and inspired by Tom Bearden's book of the same name,  it quickly became evident during filming that, due to the high quality of the material, only a multi-part Series would allow enough time to do the subject matter and the participants justice.  This Series format also allows for the production of future segments as circumstances dictated.

Filming first took place with two cameras in digital widescreen by Oscar-nominated Director William Gazecki in 2004 and 2005, giving us the first ever in-depth look on film at the errors and omissions in today's electrical physicsand the inventors (and their devices) who have exploited these gaping holes to pioneer the production of free electrical energy from the infinite vacuum all around us.  After William left the project, additional filming has taken place every year, yielding hundreds of hours of new film, plus archival footage from the past which has been blended in as required.


Led by world renowned physics conceptualist and nuclear engineer Tom Bearden, who was initially filmed over two weeks in his home in Huntsville, Alabama, he and the cast of experts bring a message of hope for these troubled times by validating the extraction and harnessing of the only real viable energy source capable of providing the planet with a sustainable future.

Never before has Tom had the chance to stretch out on film in the relaxed environment of his own living room for the figurative fireside chat about his lifetime passion.  And the material is explosive, as Tom puts on the record for the first time many of the astounding events that he has encountered during his forty years of research.  Many people, for example, are not aware that in the 1930s the Russians had functioning free energy devices, or that at the same time the U.S. Navy and General Electric had a self-powering electrical project on the campus at Stanford University. These are all documented in the contemporaneous scientific literature.

One of the world's greatest teachers of technical material, Tom, whose father could not read or write, turns science on its head in this documentary, yet does it in a manner that is completely comprehensible to those with even a non-technical education.  And all in his down-home, folksy Louisiana style that leaves you feeling like a friend of the family.


Genius inventor John Bedini also stars, and, for the first time, exclusively allowed the team to film him at work in his facilities in the Pacific Northwest. John goes on to be featured in the Dialogues with John Bedini sub-series of DVDs, where he shares with us the hidden world that Tesla inhabited, and which he manifests in his inventions.

In his wide ranging discussion of the history of radiant energy, John expounds on his philosophies which allow him to capture it for practical use.  John also reviews for us the whole history of the science that is not yet a science, going back to legendary farmer Nathan Stubblefield in the late 1800's. 


In a later segment, prompted by Oxford University mathematical physicist Dave Clements PhD, John shows us on the bench and on the blackboard where and how Tesla's radiant energy is hidden.


With the camera running, legendary magnets guru, the late Howard Johnson, the unofficial father of spintronics, reminisces in Virginia about his life's work researching pure magnetic motors, prior to giving us a conducted tour of his workshop and his inventions.

University of San Diego Physics Professor Daniel Sheehan PhD, who co-hosted the first ever international Conference questioning the Second Law of Thermodynamics, walks us through this artificial theoretical constraint on scientific progress, and is then joined in the lecture hall by fellow physicist, associate Professor Dan Cole PhD, of Boston University.


One of the U.S.'s premier materials scientists is Professor Deborah Chung PhD, Niagara Mohawk Chair of Materials Research at the State University at Buffalo, NY.  Here in the Documentary she graciously explains to us how she developed her apparent negative resistor, and she demonstrates it in action in the University laboratory.


Veteran Test Engineer Walter Rosenthal (who, sadly, died in January 2007) walks us down memory lane with his reminiscences of working not only with the legendary Floyd Sweet and his astounding overunity device, but also with a passel of other inventors around the globe.  In fact, the last missing piece of the Floyd Sweet puzzle may well be included in this Documentary segment.

Peter Lindemann, author of the definitive book on inventor Ed Gray, who was going into commercial production with his overunity devices when, unprovoked, the Los Angeles District Attorney shut him down in 1974, gives us the Ed Gray story, as told to him by family members.

The amazing true story of the Zero Fuel Engine that was developed for the 16 Ton anti-gravity craft successfully built in secret in Canada by the U.S. and captured  WWII Nazi scientists is also told in minute technical detail by one of the participants, William Doyle Jr., of Toronto.

A word of thanks too to physics Nobel Prize winner C.N. Yang for the donation of the historic photo from his private archives of he and fellow Nobellist T.D. Lee.

Oil, natural gas, nuclear, hydro-electric, coal, solar and the smorgasbord of renewable biological power sources can all make modest contributions towards the insatiable future power requirements of the planet, but the brunt of future requirements is going to have to come from Energy from the VacuumTMNature has been providing this for over 15 billion years, and it has shown no signs of depletion yet.

And, given political will, this cheap, clean cornucopia of energy can replace all other alternatives so fast that the civilized world would breath a sigh of relief.

The first Disc in this series, entitled Overview, is now available, and runs a little over two hours.


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