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Running time: 90 minutes

NTSC format

USD 29.00

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“The DVD with John is absolutely superb! There is something that will be benefiting humankind for generations to come!”

—Tom Bearden


Just attempting to think about the notion of Nikola Tesla being able to shuttle energy at will around a single wire circuit causes most people to claim that such concepts are far beyond their comprehension.

After all, don't we need two wires, just for a start?

Well, it turns out that the problem is that existing electrical technology just does not have an adequate vocabulary to describe what the Great Man was doing.

In this film, John Bedini meticulously teaches us the missing technology on the blackboard, while demonstrating it on the bench........AND adapting it to charge batteries, something no-one has ever done before.

The DVD is a must for anyone seeking not only an understanding of our missing electrical science, but also for those seeking to put it to practical use.

Also, as a bonus feature, John and Rick Friedrich give us a guided tour of the technology and operation of the Bedini-Cole window motor, a motor that Bedini says a number of people have been able to close loop and power itself with no additional external power input.

Load test

Chalk talk with John Bedini

Checking the capacitor charge

Explaining the timing on the Bedini-Cole Window Motor

The Window Motor generating the energy nodes

Checking progress

Simultaneous scope and voltage readings