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“Energy from the Vacuum”

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Running time: 132 mins.

NTSC format

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“Got it, watched it. It is very, very, very good. The PhD was right on and actually gave up more info than he knew. Tom was at his best again. I highly recommend this to anyone with curiosity.” — F.G., Tennessee




This DVD features a spellbinding roundtable discussion between Tom Bearden, and Oxford University mathematical physicist David Clements PhD, who spent two postdoctoral years exploring extended electrodynamics, including the Bearden group's MEG (Motionless Electromagnetic Generator), at a UK university.

Nobel prizes have recently been awarded to three American astro-physicists for their “discovery” that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating, and that it is likely propelled by dark energy that fills 70% of the Universe.  This dark energy, according to mainstream science, remains an unexplained force in physics.

Tom Bearden, however, cogently presents the case in this DVD that dark energy is by no means “unexplained,” and he goes on to discuss exactly how it can be explained.

But that's not all.  When these two get going, there is virtually no aspect of physics or electrodynamics that is not subjected to their penetrating analyses.

David Clements diagrams some of the mysteries about quaternions, and no cow proves sacred, as for over two hours Tom and Dave's discussions roam over the nature of the Dirac sea, negentropy, gravity and anti-gravity, astrophysics, anti-matter, gauge field theory, precursor engineering, Maxwell, the luminiferous material ether, the A potential, Lorentz invariance, zero point energy as distinct from vacuum energy, Klein geometry, Leyton's object oriented geometry, the ekpyrotic universe model of Neil Turok, Whittaker, Priorι, Becker, and, one of Dr. Clements' specialties, string theory, whose glaring problems are mercilessly exposed by Tom and Dave.

There is no chance of dozing off during this Class.

And next time the Nobel prize candidates are up for consideration, perhaps the net should be cast a little wider?








“After viewing your latest DVD: Dark Energy Landscape Tour, I was so inspired that I decided to go back to school to pursue another degree in mathematics and physics regarding the active vacuum and astrophysics.”— L.S.

Tom Bearden and Dave Clements share a joke during the filming

Director William Gazecki getting Tom Bearden in focus

Tom Bearden and Dave Clements in conversation with the cameras rolling

Setting up to shoot Dave Clements' segment on quaternions

A homage to the B(3) electrodynamic field at the Gate at Dallas/ Ft. Worth airport on the way home