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Running time: 40 minutes

NTSC format
USD $29.00

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This is the first DVD in the trilogy covering the debut of John Bedini's 14 ft. high Monopole motor at the 2010 Winter Renaissance Charge Conference in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Filmmaker Cynthia Conti-Boulanger provides a fascinating look at all the backstage activity that the general public never got to see, both at the shop and at the show.

The images speak for themselves, as John Bedini's Sunday lecture and the unveiling of the stunning new motor provide a fitting tribute to Tom Bearden's 80th birthday.

Note: the other two DVDs in the trilogy feature John Bedini's lecture and presentation at the Conference, and a private lecture in the shop covering the technology powering the machine.

Cynthia Conti-Boulanger filming John Bedini in the shop

The new motor in all its glory


John Bedini checking his calculations


"Here's how the hub motor works"


"Bits" and David Luke add the finishing touches to the 10-coiler


Rick Friedrich shows off one of his kits for the Conference

Documentary Executive Producer Tony Craddock takes a call

Co-Executive Producer Pat Craddock is amused by one of John Bedini's anecdotes at lunch




"John, how does this part work?"


A last minute tune up before the Conference


Rick Friedrich feels the pressure


"Will it fit on the trailer?"


Filming the scalar emissions from the motor






John Bedini shares a joke with the crowd


Setting up the lights to film the loading of the motor at night


Getting ready to load the self powered mower into the trailer




Chuck, Gary and David Luke reassembling the motor at the Hotel



Interest in the 30-coiler was high


John Bedini checks construction of the kit motors


John Bedini signing his book



"Bits" aka Jeffrey Wilson



John Bedini with author Jeane Manning




Gary guards the Electric Vehicle enclave




Photography has just been green-lighted



Everyone signed Tom Bearden's 80th Birthday Card