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William Doyle Jr.


















In this wide-ranging 1973 interview with the late Chief Engineer Ieuan Thomas filmed by award winning filmmaker Daniel Izzard, he tells the story of the development of the Zero-Fuel Engine System and the Cold Heat Engine. Designex Inc. were a leading aerospace design firm in Toronto at the time, and it was they that developed this Zero-Fuel Engine System for the 12-Ton Silverbug anti-gravity craft being built at AVRO Canada in Toronto under the supervision of the American T. Townsend Brown and with the assistance of some of the Project Paperclip Nazi scientists.

Austin Willis interviewing Ieuan Thomas for the film

About half the hundred or so engineers on the Designex staff  were involved in the design.

William Doyle Jr. writes about the Film: New Prospects for Survival (aka Cold Heat from Canada)

This writer is a Canadian national [DOB 18/03/42 ] who was first introduced to this Subject in September 1957 at fifteen years of age.

In the summer of 1960 (when I was 18) and again in the summer of 1961, (just after AVRO officially shut down) I worked a summer job at Designex as the “office boy” at a time when Designex Limited was the exclusive Design Engineering Services and Contract Personnel Provider to the A. V. Roe Aircraft Manufacturing Company aka AVRO Canada, under an arrangement between Designex owner and president Ieuan Thomas and my late father, who in 1959 became the “exclusive outside financing provider” to Designex Ltd., where he provided the services of a “Factor.”

Ieuan Thomas came from a village in Wales, and he was a “Hero” of WWII among RAF and Allied Air Crews. He earned his Engineering degree through an “apprenticeship program” rather than attending a University, and during WWII he played a significant role on British Air Fields in “crash rescue” and “rapid repair” of both “bombers” and “fighters”. (Everyone at Designex was a WWII War Veteran.)

Ieuan Thomas during the interview

After the War he learned the Engineering Business, and he could estimate work-jobs, cost them out and bring combinations of specialists together to get things done quickly during emergencies. By 1950 he was one of the best known “go getters” in the U.K. Commercial Engineering and Aero Engineering Field and he was superbly connected at Whitehall (a road where most of the UK Central Government is located) and with MI5 and MI6. 

This all came together when he was selected to head-up Designex Limited and emigrate to Canada with his wife and children, and provide Contract Design Engineering Services and Research work with the Owners of the A. V. Roe Aircraft Company to “Operation Paperclip Project Silverbug”..

Ieuan was “briefed in” on “Operation Paperclip-Project Silverbug” in England, and his duties and responsibilities were explained as only the British can lay out plans to the smallest details. Mr. Thomas was a “Compliance Officer” for MI6 and he took the Oath and “Signed” the “Official Secrets Act” in both the U.K. and Canada.

Due to the fact that it was decided to keep all the “Deep Black Research” “available to be re-exported back to the UK ” he was made the Private Owner of any and all new Technologies and Patents which the Designex Private Venture Group came up with.

From 1953 through to 1961 when all the Black Projects at AVRO were terminated Designex was involved in two major “Private Venture Projects” which were financed by Designex and belonged to Designex.

The first project was the Designex “Solid Fuels Project” and  in 1958 or 1959 this “Solid Fuels Project” was so successful that the U.S. Government and the U.S. Navy bought it and these new “Solid Fuels” became the “Solid Propulsive Fuels” used in the Polaris Missile Systems which revolutionized Submarine Warfare and Provided America with its’ first Stealth Technologies because with these new “Solid Fuels” Missiles could be fired “without liquid oxygen” while submerged and making way, rather than surfacing to fire, which was the first application of “Stealth Technologies”.

The second “Private Venture Project” was originally named “Zero Fuels Engine Project” and after 1961 when all the Projects were “Terminated” that name was changed to “Cold Heat Engine Systems” because it was thought, at that time, that this name was less threatening to the Texas based Petrochemical Fossil Fuels & Nuclear Electricity Cabal.

The Cold Heat Engine Apparatus to which Ralph Long (See: Film on DVD ) refers was a “Proof Of Principle” model. (See Photograph.)















I am very happy to have the secrecy over. The cold heat engine invention took a heavy toll on my familyfinancially and personally. So, I am glad to have it out in the open at last....One of the large oil companies also threatened my family, but my father would not put a name to which one it wasalthough he knew absolutely.”                    

—Judith Thomas (daughter of the inventor)



August 1968
Designex Inc. Chief Engineer Ieuan Thomas inspects their Fuelless Self-Powering
Negative Electricity Generator System installed in the basement of their offices
at 49 Merton Street, Toronto, Canada

There were Two ( 2 ) Engine Systems Built for Security Reasons:

The first “Zero Fuel Engine System” was the “Operative” one I have described elsewhere which employed an aircraft axial compressor, CO
2 Gas and pulsed Low Frequency Induction to cause CO2 Gas to “explode-without-combustion” and “force-vector rotate and counter rotate” a specially conditioned set of permanent magnets, creating rotating electromagnetic fields which are themselves subjected to third vector “electromagnetic fields” pulsed from a third powerful electromagnet built into the floor-plate of the turbine cylinder housing inside a machine system I have described above.

The original ‘Self-Powering Electricity Generator System’ ran on Negative Energy: “Ran Cold” and drew-in its’ excess energy from the available ambient by “Uncurling and  Magnetic Gating Sub Space Electricity into the Systems Circuits to power its load, and the loads of Accommodating Systems with “Over Unity Electricity” always available from the active ether (Broken Symmetry 1957).

Then there was the “Second Engine System” which was built as their “Proof of Principle” System for testing and Patent purposes.

Outsiders, (prefect strangers with security clearances), would be sent or invited to Designex on Richmond St. West to “measure” this “machine,” so it was built with off-the-shelf commercially available components, and they employed a “piston type compressor” and R22 aka Dupont Freon Gas, and copper tubing and off the shelf cooling coils which attracted no unusual attention to the components of this “Bench Apparatus” because what this system was doing defied the First & Second Laws of Thermodynamics, but without revealing any of their precious secrets and without any “Turbine Cylinder Housing” and without any “Specially Conditioned Permanent Magnets” being “Counter-Rotated” and so on as I have above described with precision.

Ieuan Thomas called this procedure “redundancy in depth.” Pleas notice that in the Film on DVD Ieuan never once mentions AVRO, the A. V. Roe Aircraft Company or any person involved with those “Black Projects” and indeed the only technical name mentioned was Ralph Long who was a wonderful man and WWII Veteran who was never involved in any aspect of the Black Projects out at AVRO. (See: Historical Interview.)

Ieuan lived and died with his sense of loyalty to “The Crown” intact, and never approached stepping “over the line.” He was not free to openly discuss his own proprietary technology and he did not. He and all the others were tormented by the knowledge that they had “Obsoleted” Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Electricity but they were honour bound not to speak by bonds far stronger than chains and an iron neck-collar.

My father was highly connected in post-war Ottawa and many of my fathers’ friends who had returned to Ottawa after War Service in WWII (Europe) and who held High Government and Military Positions helped Ieuan Thomas over the years as a favor to my dad. It’s called the ‘Old Boy Network.’ But even the existence of these “machines” is still repressed at this very moment by the Texas Oil & Nuclear Oligarchs and their Canadian Operatives in Politics and Business.

So, when you don’t hear about a “Fuelless Self-Powering Electricity Generator” purposely designed and built to power all the “Unconventional Aircraft Under Development at AVRO” in those words, please know that those are the words Ieuan Thomas always used among his peers, but he was “sworn to secrecy” and he never told a soul who wasn’t security cleared, or a member of my father's inner circle who were Security Cleared.

My father and I required “Zero Security Clearances” because we were both covered under the “Owners Agreement” that Ieuan Thomas and Designex Limited had with all the other Parties which included all the Security Agencies and Organizations..

But if you listen carefully, and watch it two or three times and remember that this was filmed in 1973 you’ll see right through what’s not said by listening carefully to what is said.

Please allow me to share this rare Polaroid photo of the actual “Zero Fuel Engine System,” aka “Cold Heat Engine System,” taken by my father at the property at Merton Street in Toronto, Canada on the day of the “Merton Street Incident” writes William Doyle Jr., whose father was the exclusive outside financier for Designex Inc.

At some time in the future, when you have expressed an interest in this “Incident” I’ll share the blow-by-blow interplays that episode with you. This episode is a Movie in itself.
I arrived there (at the Merton Street location ) at about 2 PM, and witnessed the Toronto Hydro Supervisor, red-faced and angry, sending for a huge flat-bed truck and a Work Crew, who arrived and confronted my father, Ieuan Thomas and Gordon Reilly and six other Designex Senior Scientists, before removing the Hydro Power Meter, Fuse Box and All Toronto Hydro Wiring into and out of that Building, in a futile attempt to shut-off all “electricity” and “Electricity Use Inside the Building,” which did not happen.
The lights, radio, refrigerator and other electric appliances kept right on working, and this enraged the Toronto Hydro Supervisor because Dr. “Bert” England and Ian Taws were making jokes about their inability to “Shut Off The Electricity” and told them all that this “Machine” was the equivalent of a small “Niagara Falls” Power Source.
It took several hours for the Toronto Hydro to Cut Down the new Concrete Hydro Utility Pole and remove all the wiring and Toronto Hydro Apparatus from that building, and it was getting dark as that Flat Bed Truck drove away with the Concrete Pole and everything else which had connected the Toronto Hydro Power Source to the Building on Merton Street. This was “Street Theatre” worthy of  a Movie with Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise and Clint Eastwood.
At that time, Ontario Premier Bill Davis was the Premier Of Ontario, and Gordon Reilly’s younger brother was the Minister of Commerce in the Conservative Cabinet of Ontario Premier Bill Davis. It was quite a “Power Conflict.” Gordon Reilly was a Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Developer who was also a Member of the Granite Club.
The Toronto Hydro had responded to a complaint from the National Cash Register Corporation which was located several long blocks east of the “Subject Building” which was located on the South side of Merton Street while the National Cash Register Offices were on the North Side of Merton Street.
The complaints were based on “static electricity shocks” received by several of the women students who were attending Classes on how to “Operate Cash Registers.”
We all felt very sympathetic. Even Dr. “Bert” England had no idea about how to control these unexpected consequences, or even be sure that these electric phenomena were connected to his conjuring up “Negative Radiant Energy” via this Machine Apparatus you see here in this photo.
They (the men from Designex) had removed the Furnace (it was August) and installed the machine where the furnace had been, under the chimney.


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