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William Doyle Sr.

In 1971, William Doyle Sr., Project Financier, asked Ieuan Thomas to hand write an explanation of his Fuelless Self-Powering Negative Electricity Generator Systems for the new Canadian Chief of Defense Staff in Ottawa, and to also write a “self-analysis” explaining Ieuan's commercial motivations and ambitions for the technology.

This data DVD contains this commentary, which has never before been seen by the public, together with Thomas' sketches of the technical principles and geometry of the machine. These “hand notes” were drawn by Ieuan Thomas at the Lord Elgin Hotel in Ottawa at a meeting with William Doyle Sr.  Present were his friend Don Forseyth  who was a highly decorated WWII Canadian Air Force war hero and the newly appointed first Chief of the Canadian Air Force “Air Material Command” in Ottawa, Arthur (Art) Ball, Commander Canadian Navy, and later First Canadian High Commissioner to Australia, and Lsyle Kohler who was a former Canadian Army Serviceman in (WWII) and life long Senior Canadian Government Official in Ottawa.

Also enclosed is extensive correspondence since 2005 tracking the offering of this technology to the United States through various high ranking political figures, including the late U.S. Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, who was most interested (see below).  Stevens was one of the most powerful Congressmen of his generation, and William Doyle Jr. had a secure back channel connection with him.

Correspondence to ex-President Clinton, Hillary Clinton, President G.W. Bush, President Obama, Al Gore, then California Governor Schwarzenegger, and many other high ranking political, business, media and Government figures is also included, together with overtures to Virgin owner Sir Richard Branson through his London Radio office.

The extensive correspondence (some private) from William Doyle Jr. reveals many additional details of the whole cold energy process.



12 Ton Russian SILVERBUG at Saratov Works which fliessideways
 due to forward facing atmospheric collapsing propulsion system
(Frame grab from TLC documentary)


includes this DVD PART 19


Cold Heat from Canada Documents (Part 19B)
Zero-Fuel Engine System (Part 31)
Disruptive Technologies Go Black (Part 43)












































































According to Willian Doyle Jr., this final design of the Zero Fuel Engine System was basically an upgraded design modification and adaptation of Vicktor Schaubergers' Repulsine Vacuum Motor which had been brought to Toronto by Vicktor Schauberger, under Operation Paperclip Project Silverbug.  This project was ongoing by Order of two U.S. Presidents (both Truman and Eisenhower) circa 1944-1961 in both the U.S. at Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio, in Texas, and in Canada at AVRO aka the A. V. Roe Aircraft Company, where the Lancaster Bombers were built during WWII. 

AVRO's design arm, Designex Ltd., was headed by the nominal figurehead, the late Englishman John Frost. The top Nazi 'Paperclip' scientists were also in residence at AVRO, including General Hans Kammler, Dr. Richard Miethe, the Horten brothers and Viktor Schauberger, with their original documentation on flying discs from wartime Nazi Germany. However these early discs were powered by a chemical process. The American scientist T. Townsend Brown was the de facto Black Projects Director.

In 1958 A.V. Roe Canada was ranked as the third largest corporation in Canada by capitalization, and Designex was then Canada's original high-tech engineering think tank and specialty engineer leasing services group.

A cohort of fifty specialist engineers of the Designex team, under the leadership of Ieuan Thomas and Dr. 'Bert' England, utilizing their knowledge and some modified materiel acquired on the Canadian anti-gravity (gravitics) disc program (Project Silverbug 606A), developed this Fuelless Self-Powering Negative Electricity Generator System.  From 1961 through 1970, the Designex Private Venture Group, in various incarnations, demonstrated these Cold Heat Engine Systems to the Engineering and Energy community in Toronto.

The leading scientists in New Engine Design had originally stumbled upon a band of 'Low Frequency Induction Effect' at Lucas & Arthur Meat Packers, while working on 'electro-vacuum and brine induction chambers' for curing hams (see the DVD).

This led them on their search for an Energy Regain System and finally the Holy Grail of Science, Cold Heat Engine Systems-Zero Fuel Electric Generators were perfected.

The startling final series of discoveries were made in the private Aero Engine Design Systems Laboratory of Designex Ltd. in Toronto, which was independently researching a Zero Fuel Engine System for the Project Y and Y2 AVRO VZ-9A Air Car aka Project SilverBug 606A in the U.S (in America this project was designated WS AV 7055 according to Doyle's sources). 

Note: none of these models should be confused with the Avrocar, an unstable fan powered saucer that is the staple of many documentaries and much publicity and which could barely lift off the ground.

A demonstration model of the power generator that was developed produced at least 150,000 BTU output for every 10,000 BTU input, and ran cold (see the video.)  Later models generated massive ongoing electrical output without drawing any outside power of any type other than from the ambient vacuum.

The process was termed a “modification to conventional system of expanding a refrigeration cycle,” and utilized carbon dioxide (as opposed to steam). Each cold heat engine system was activated with outside electric power and refrigeration gas pressure in the manufacturing process, and once the gas achieved 'the state of equilibrium of gas' each system was sealed for its working lifetime. The life of the permanent magnets involved was estimated to be 300 to 400 years.

These final systems bear a striking resemblance to modern closed-system pressurized refrigeration systems. In essence the inventor team adapted the reversible cycle of Sadi Carnot and Tesla's Fuelless Electricity Generator ideas with internal Coanda vortex gas management systems to drive their magnetic turbine secured by magnetic bearings in cold conditions while generating electricity of infinite cycles.  The engineering and design team had perfected this application of magnetic structures in pressurized non-magnetic ceramic containment cooling chambers, where the electricity was generated.

Detractors derided this cold power as “Supernatural Electricity” aka “Satan's Energy.”

This all began in 1955, just before the death of Albert Einstein, and is still kept secret from the American public.

At that time, manned aircraft were being replaced by missiles over the North Pole, and Silverbug, with an endless power source, could have been the solution to eliminate downrange in-air refueling and assure that man was kept in the cockpit rather than on the ground.  Originally this invention was to be the Zero Fuel Engine for an upgraded VZ-9A Prototype which was never built because Project Y leader John Frost was unable to persuade Lockheed to make an offer to Designex Ltd. for this discovery.

In any event the Ieuan Thomas 'Engine System' evolved again over time and became a stand alone Zero-Fuel Electric Generator.

Big Oil, (Imperial Oil aka Exxon, and Consumers Gas) refused to make any cash offers after six years of testing, and the scientists refused to just give it away. In parallel, a back channel contact with U.S. President Reagan relayed to William Doyle Sr. that Big Oil was to remain firmly in place and unchallenged by alternate power sources till the oil ran out.  Indeed it was U.S. President Eisenhower under Big Oil pressure who had strong-armed Canadian Premier Diefenbaker into canceling the project, with promises of Canada becoming the next Saudi Arabia by virtue of the Athabasca Oil Sands, the largest known reservoir of crude bitumen in the world.

In May 1963 Project Director Ieuan Thomas’ emissary Terry Maloney P. Eng. from Designex Ltd. of Toronto met with JFK and they discussed everything going on at the Laboratory on Richmond Street West in Toronto and it was agreed that President Kennedy would visit the Designex Laboratory in Toronto in December 1963 or an alternate date later in January 1964 to accommodate any emergency changes to the President Kennedys’ busy schedule.  The rest is history as Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 shortly before the scheduled visit.


In 1969, Lockheed took the Avro Air Car 'Project Y and Y2' (USA Project Silverbug) away to the United States after spending approximately $5 million dollars and securing many great ideas like Jump-Jet Technology, and Atmospheric Collapsing Technologies and Fan-Jet Down Thrusting technologies found on later jets like the Harrier Series and on up to the latest JFX. The Bomarc Missile, the Velvet Glove Missile and the solid fuels for the Polaris Missile all had their genesis with these expatriate British scientists in Toronto.  All traces of the Avro Black Projects programs were eliminated after the migration of the projects to the U.S.

The Thomas group planned to commercially develop and produce these Fuelless Self-Powering Negative Electricity Generator Systems, with William Doyle Sr. in charge of arranging outside financing.  However, the financing never materialized, and in 1972 after Doyle's Cadillac exploded into flames, almost killing his wife, the project was mothballed, and in 1973 the historical film was made very quietly for the future. The film was released publicly for the first time in 2010 by Energetic Productions Inc., producers of the “Energy from the VacuumTM” Science Series of documentary films.

Senator Ted Stevens

William Doyle Jr.

In March 2005, with oil at $50 a barrel, the pre-arranged trigger point was reached to re-stimulate U.S. interest in the technology, so William Doyle Jr., son of the original financier William Doyle Sr, who died in 1981, broke silence, and contacted a number of public figures including U.S. Senator Ted Stevens.

Senator Stevens, incidentally, was later convicted eight days before his re-election  on seven trumped up felony charges (charges later dismissed in 2009), and lost his Senate seat in 2008.  He died in a 2010 Alaskan floatplane mishap for which the NTSB could find “no definitive cause.”

U.S. Republican Congressman Curt Weldon's career also suffered terminal collateral damage from fallout from Project Silverbug, whose technological secrets, including the Designex invented liquefied precursor atmospheric collapsing propulsion process, had been purposely leaked to the Russians (see Mitrokhin Archives).

William Doyle Jr., son of the original Designex financier, was also enmeshed in some spurious legal issues for a while.

In the documents and drawings on this DVD, Ieuan Thomas reaches out from the grave to share his vision of the world that is as possible today as it was decades ago when he wrote down these technical observations and notes.

It is even possible that there may be enough information amongst these papers, the correspondence, and in the Iuean Thomas interview, for those 'skilled in the art' and adequately financed to replicate the cold energy process.

Disclaimer: the exact architecture of the foregoing narrative rests primarily on the recollections of William Doyle Jr., who makes the following observations:

“Some wealthy family that already reads your publications should buy-up what we have in Cold Storage up here, from the Designex-AVRO Collaboration that carried on into the Energetics Limited and Entrain Systems Limited years.”

“As I have explained before, there is a small community of sentinel safe-keepers, my task is to establish a consensus and keep everybody sweet during the physical transfer of everything in storage, and afterward too. With money almost free today, it's the lowest price Transformational Electricity Generator we know of that is still out of captivity at this writing (2012).”

“The whole Suite of Technologies including Two (2) different Working Engines, Component Parts and Experiment Records are still For Sale.”

“No photograph was ever taken in the Cold Storage Location. Given who Ieuan Thomas was, and his knowledge of Surveillance Satellites, which were being launched almost every month for years, and Ieuan's primary need for secrecy, it must be apparent by now considerable thought and preparation went into this Cold Storage Site location and Facility.”

Note: the existence of this hardware has not been independently verified
























AVRO Canada Headquarters, Malton, Toronto Airport



(actually more DVDs are included as some are 2 disc sets)



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