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Running time: 74 minutes
USD $19.00

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  For over an hour this video places in the record all the several hundred photos, traces, magnetic plots, diagrams and plans that the late Howard Johnson gave to the Tom Bearden research team for safe keeping, and we now are pleased to share them with the public.

Tom Bearden introduces the piece with a nice illustrated lecture of what Howard Johnson was trying to achieve.

A must for anyone with an enquiring mindand the perfect companion piece to Part 11, Magnetic Gates and Part 4 - Howard Johnson



Want to learn even more about Magnetism?

Buy the following five DVDs as well as Howard Johnson's classic best selling book

“The Secret World of Magnets”

in a package deal entitled “Practical Magnetics Collection”

Part 4 DVD in EFV Series—Howard Johnson

Howard Johnson's DVD
Discovering Magnetism

Part 11 DVD—Magnetic Gates, with John Bedini

Part 11A DVD—Howard Johnson's Lab Notes,

Part 16 DVD—includes John Bedini's explanation of his replication of the Magnetic Wankel motor

*  plus the book
“Discovering Magnetism” with Howard Johnson et al.

Special bundled price for all 5 DVDs and the book

USD 83.00
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