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Running time: 131 minutes

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  John Bedini has been researching Magnetic Gates for decades, and this tour de force is essentially a brain dump of not only John's unique experience in building magnetic gates, but it also includes a masterful analysis of Howard Johnson's magnetic gate, which Howard gave to the Tom Bearden team prior to his demise.

Oriented primarily towards potential magnetic experimenters and motor builders, there is no excuse for not being able to build a simple self-powering magnetic motor after having watched this lecture and demonstrations.

And, as always, John's explanations are simple and easy to follow, even though they include effects that are not in the textbooks.




The heart of the matterthe magnetic spins

John explains how Howard Johnson's magnet clusters work.  The Bedini-Cole Window motor
also is a piece in the puzzle

Want to learn more about Magnetism?

Buy the following five DVDs as well as

Howard Johnson's classic best selling book

“The Secret World of Magnets”

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Part 4 DVD in EFV Series—Howard Johnson

Howard Johnson's DVD
Discovering Magnetism

Part 11 DVD—Magnetic Gates, with John Bedini

Part 11A DVD—Howard Johnson's Lab Notes,

Part 16 DVD—includes John Bedini's explanation of his replication of the Magnetic Wankel motor

*  plus the book
“Discovering Magnetism” with Howard Johnson et al.

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Showing a diagram for the cameras

Yes, all this gets explained too!

And these Howard Johnson magnetic plots as well!

John selects the next lecture topic


Rick Friedrich writes:


This is not an emergency but is very important. I am visiting John Bedini again and just watched DVD 11 which is the second video on Howard Johnson's materials. While actually Howard's work is not as important as the monopole systems we are working on, this DVD demands that John Bedini be granted an immediate PhD for the work he has done as shown in this video. This is no hyping up of this video. You all know me and how careful and graded I am about everything. I have never called for activism as I am now. This is the most important video yet as it is absolutely foundational. THIS MUST GET TO EVERY PHYSICS CLASS IN THE WESTERN WORLD. And I am not recommending that about any other DVD. It is so solid and to the point fundamentally.

The DVD is over 2 hours long and may as well be called WOW! Or even just Nonlinear. I do not have time for a review as I have not slept more than a few hours last night and will have to be up in a few hours to meet Warren again at the shop. Even though physically exhausted I could not pull away from this. Of course John was there watching each part and commenting, and laughing with me at some of his slipped wording.
Anyway, this is just phenomenal. It calls for everyone to push this far and wide. This is a whole new physics as we have been saying for so long. But it is so clearly presented here. You can all finally see what Howard Johnson believed and did, but really did not clearly show the worlduntil now. John goes beyond Howard Johnson's study and shows his own research and explanation of the very very practical theory. It is no wonder John put such a rush on this as it is so important.

There are several things shown in this video never shown before, that will knock socks off. And you have to watch it several times because there is a lot of very important detail. If you miss a part you may miss very critical information.
John shows you what a magnet is and how it works and how it can be changed or switched. He shows how it affects everything around you with a meter you have never seen before. He explains how this relates to Johnson's pictures, and systems. This is a whole new science. Every science department needs to study this right away.
John also shows what he showed on this website


back in the 90's and on Keelynet what was borrowed by George Green and also shown on Youtube. But he goes on to show you don't need to remove a magnet, and also shows more significant details about this system. I spun the thing myself and it is just amazing. And it demonstrates more than what is shown on the page. It clearly demonstrates his theory and Johnson's theory as fully verified. I'll provide this as a kit shortly if that is wanted.

These ideas are now fully solidified. This is foundational material to help the world to understand how the monopole works. Without this understanding the study of physics is pointless and flawed. This is where people need to start.
Again, John has showed me many things. I have always been amazed that everything I have had a chance to verify of his technology claims has been true. And even today I told Warren that I have no comment about one system I have not verified yet, so I do not just believe anything. I have seen enough that I need nothing more for my energy needs. But this was truly one of the single most important presentations that should be sent across the world right away. It is not hard to understand. But it shows there is a whole other world for everyone to discover. That everyone is ignorant of. It will fascinate everyone.

This actually deserves way more than a PhD. It deserves a Nobel price or even more. Because this unlocks so many important things. It shows a whole new branch of science that thus far has been hard to understand. He brings it down to a very easy level to understand. But it fully demonstrates a new science. This is definitely a news wire item.

Way to go Tony for making this happen so rapidly. Tony worked very hard on this and has shown in the video the details about his transactions with Howard Johnson and the filming. This video shows how totally dissimilar Mylow's motor was from HJ. It shows very minute detail about Johnson's gates and train tunnels.

I wish I had time to say more. You will just have to see it when it comes out. I promise you this was no sales pitch to sell it as I have never called people to this kind of action. While I always believed John was worthy of such distinction, what is different here is that this will make it clear to most people why John should be immediately recognized as a foundational leader in this new science, and given that distinction formally. This sort of puts everything together. All it will take is to have people see it to recognize this. I don't know what else to say. I am very honored to be called a friend of John.

Today two guys from the groups came out and did not believe me when I told them of all the trouble John has faced over the years by the 'system' lets just say. No, no, it is not that bad. All you have to do is do this and that and it will just work out fairly easily. But I told them that that was just naive and idealistic and not realistic. I said if I had time I could explain. Later John took a few hours he didn't have to tell some of his story and I think they understood all the troubles John has faced over the years. People just do not understand all the sweat that has gone into this research and almost no one cares. Millions of dollars have gone into it, and countless hours given away, and people think nothing of taking up John's time. No one cares to give back a dime. Well Howard Johnson gave John money when he needed it. Not that John is asking for anything, but for people not to be so presumptuous and ungrateful. No, it was an insult to compare what any of us do in this research with what he has done and given out to the world. I just shake my head when I hear people say the things I hear about what is owed to them. It really makes you wonder.

Anyway, all that should change now. This should be the real turning point. This will show who has done their homework for over 40 years. The body of knowledge John has is just remarkable. And you can see in this video that he just has so much more to share about this new science.

So I say again, this is something we can all do something about. If you want to see any of this research move ahead, this to me seems to be the ticket to get everything else in relation to nonlinear systems moving. There needs to be shouting from the rooftops and emails and petitions sent to high and low places. All the schools need to be pressed by every person at all interested in this, and upgraded:


— o —

Rick Friedrich was the Bedini Group Manager of Technical Services, and moderated the Bedini Egroup Forums on the Internet.

11 June, 2009



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