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William Doyle Jr.

By William Doyle Jr.

The following is additional information that William Doyle has provided regarding the operation of the Cold Heat Motor that he says was one of his earliest write-ups. Edited from private correspondence.


This electricity is of the Negative Radiant type, which offers way more flexibility to users. It was first shown in the USA by Nikola Tesla, way back in the Westinghouse financed Chicago Exposition before the year 1900!

Electromagnetic Proton Radiation

Pressure Wave Energy in Combination With Sourcing Ambient Energy From The Vacuum.

The Book “McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms,” fifth edition, defines “bremsstrahlung” as “Radiation that is emitted by an electron accelerated in its collision with the nucleus of an atom.”  

The collective excitations may be the sum total of “bremsstrahlung” plus other excitations.

For instance, natural jitter that is commonly called “thermal excitation” must also be included and in some cases can even be Nyquist noise known to exist in conditions not experiencing a current flow.

It is the synchronizing of this so-called noise that can create a coherent energy rise during the excitation process at the right frequency according to the material being magnetically pumped.  

There is the common example of the ocean wave forming at the edge of a land mass. There, we see noise in the ocean becoming synchronized at a certain gravitational height, and a wave literally “jumps-up” and forms a uniform motion crest, as the energy builds, and moves towards the shore. This synchronized action arising as a “concentrated energy” out of what was “noise” or “chaos of energy” can also occur in a gas.

“You just have to hit the right frequency inside a “properly shaped container.”  

The bonus for a system, and for pure COgas is that the energy release from the proton is much greater than can be achieved by the ordinary ocean wave. The energy that is tapped into, is much greater than that from “random noise” since it tends to build to a much higher level per atom, than for a random noise consolidation. Normally, this energy is terminated by the electron and for the case of the common “H2 double atom” example, it is shielded even better.

Upsetting that shielding in a coherent or resonant manner may cause the energy to be released that causes the huge (1,100 Volumes Expansion with CO2) expansion of the gas.  

At first glance, hydrogen would most likely have the greatest expansion, and its associated thermal electromagnetic energy release. [William R. Lyne, “Occult Ether Physics” starting on page 81] he describes the atomic hydrogen energy release process in great detail. Tom Bearden also discusses it on his website page.

However, in the main, the closer one gets to a totally unshielded nucleus, the greater is the pressure wave released per unit volume. This would apply to all of the bare nuclei. The greater the positive charge the more release per unit time of energy, which is power Radiated.  

Power radiated per meter squared divided by the velocity of light is “radiation pressure” and, there is also an acoustic pressure related to the nuclei repelling each other and thus expanding as an ordinary acoustic type gas pressure buildup.

The key to controlling this expansion is to allow electrons into the process to moderate the expansion pressures since the electrons would serve as terminators to the field energy.  

It is rightly called “Electromagnetic Proton Radiation” as the final result – the orchestrated unpacking by the right frequency of a changing magnetic field.  

The excitation of the energy shells of the molecules (and the related atoms) forces apart the lowest energy levels and allows for  proton pressure wave to escape the delicate balance of the lowest energy level which DOES act as the best shield. 

The bare monoatomic hydrogen (for example) has only one electron and thus is an example of an atom that (is) least able to provide a perfect shield against the proton pressure wave. That is, wherever the electron is, there is an unshielded portion of the proton nearly everywhere else. That is possibly why the jitter or bremsstralung of atoms does occur naturally and absolute zero temperature is impossible to achieve.  

A bare proton will create the pressure wave outwards (which in theory is field energy supported through the center of the proton by non-local energy space) and when the energy becomes terminated at the “conjugate electron”, the rest of the field collapses and causes “radiation in the form of heat.” Thus, all molecules have the ability to do this in lesser degrees according to the complexity of the outer electron configuration when pumped or excited by the right frequency of a changing or oscillating magnetic field.  

In an electrically balanced atom, the energy is flowing all the time like a river. It is not static (as I see it). Fields are flowing (albeit at a constant velocity if unperturbed) and not static - as taught in contemporary physics courses.

This must bear repeating as we we have been taught over and over that energy cannot be created or destroyed in a closed system. The flaw, is that, most of us think of an atom, or for that matter the universe, as being a “closed system”, which may not apply in either case, quantum or macroscopic.  

Take away the drain in a sink that has water flowing into it and it will overflow into the outside world. This stuff (energy) comes from the same source that originally created the universe. It was not a “one time event” and that same energy supports the universe even now, in the past, and will continue to do so into the future!  

Of late, we find that the universe is full of “Dark Energy” and mass that cannot be accounted for in a closed system. Now we also know what Dark Energy is.  

Our Universe is Not a Closed System! It is a growing living, expanding & decaying, entity.  

As for the “Big Oil, Nuclear Electricity & Banking Money-Creating Cartel” argument that the economy would be ruined by a “Green Overunity Energy Economy” - this is the same set of lies they have been using to “Repress Energy Science Advancements” and “Creative Energy Innovations” for about 156 years, beginning with their purposeful falsification of James Clerk Maxwell’s original “20 Equations In 20 Unknowns”, and all the work of Nikola Tesla, Paul A. M. Dirac, and so on, through to Tom Bearden, John Bedini and the “entire body of work” from Designex Limited of Toronto, Canada, which was formed by British Science Intelligence (Division of - MI6-UK) in Canada as the “Exclusive Private Venture Research and Design Company for AVRO Canada aka the A.V. Roe Air Craft Manufacturer Inc.” where all of this Work was done from 1949-1967.

Writer & Retired Publisher William J.G. Doyle was offered the Opportunity to buy 40% of all  Ownership Equity, and after the death of Doyle's father, 50% of all Equity Ownership, remains in 2019 the 'Controlling 90% Proprietary Owner' in 2019/2020.

Doyle Offers you all a Glimpse into the 'USA Inventors' who tried to "Pioneer this New USA Energy Frontier, they all had their Inventions Confiscated by the US Energy Department (which is an Arm of the Farish Men who also own EXXON USA and Imperial Oil Of Canada Ltd.

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According to Doyle, this same science and technology is called Parametric Oscillators in Russian Science. See the page on Tom Bearden's Website. They have it, and the British also did from the PAPERCLIP Germans at the end of World War II.

Likewise he claims that many truckloads of Cold Heat Motors and the Beta-tron Beam Weapons that were tested on goats at the China Lake Testing Range in California in 1958 are in storage in the greater Ottawa Area.

Contact: William J.G.(Bill) Doyle
Toronto, ON Canada
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Editor's Note: the current physical existence of any of the Designex cold heat motors and/or any other devices has not been independently verified.



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As someone wrote on the Energetic Forum:

" Why hadn't I, and probably the majority of the people on this forum, heard or read about Thomas up until recently? We've all heard of the likes of Moray, Searl, Papp, Gray, Howard Johnson, etc yet here we have an individual who invented a free energy device in recent times (late 1960's/early 1970's) that had the potential to produce industrial amounts of energy who had dozens of eyewitnesses verify it's operation yet no mention of Thomas or his technology is made in the numerous videos and texts on free energy technologies that we've come across. "



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